G84 rolling grills

Standoor G84 is rolling grill for big openings and for maximum visibility.
G84 profile is 84 mm high and it has 100×52 mm opening after every 28 mm. Guide rails are 90 mm wide and the shutter box is from 250 to 360 mm depending of the opening height.

Standoor G84 characteristics:
• Width up to 7000 mm
• Height up to 6000 mm
• Surface up to 24,5 m2
• For higher security level reinforcement profiles are used
• 47% visibility

As a standard G84 rolling grill is operated by automatics from key-switch on the wall. Standoor Eesti OÜ uses world leading manufacturer’s Somfy gearmotors, which are known for its wide produce range, quality and reliability.

Gearmotors are irreversible, so there is no need to install additional locks. There is also a special gearmotors, which allows the grills to be opened by crank, if there is power cut..