Preparation of the door opening

While preparing the door hole for a sectional door several small details should be taken into account. As in every good system, it depends of the preparation of the door hole how the door will operate later. That is why this process is as important as a foundation for a house.

1. The door is installed on the inner side of the door opening.

2. Side walls and the lintel above them should be even and level. The more even the surfaces are, the better sealing is achieved.

3. The floor should be even and level. A small slope towards the outside is recommended. The more even is the floor, the better condensation is gained between the floor and the bottom seal.

4. For fixing the horizontal tracks to the ceiling (in case of wood), there should be reinforcement in places indicated by us. In case of concrete ceilings the indication of the fixing place is not necessary as the ceiling is strong enough everywhere for fixing the tracks.

The following conditions should be fulfilled in order to install a sectional door:

Height of the lintel G min= 200 mm
Side space  F min= 100 mm
Depth of the room E = height of the door hole H + 800 mm.

*View from inside of the room to outside


*Help for measuring the door holeL. ava laius  mm
L. door hole width mm
H. door hole height mm
D. height of the room mm
E. depth of the room mm
F. free side space mm
G. free space above the door hole mm



As an additional service we are prepared to save the valuable time and nerves of our client and prepare the door hole exactly as our doors need it. Usual procedure goes as follows: our consultant makes a preliminary price calculation, which is confirmed by the client..