Loading dock equipment

For years Standoor has been one of the leading dock-equipment suppliers in Estonia. We are working together with Loading Systems and Roltex to provide full range of dock-levelers, dock-shelters and dock-houses.

Our dock levellers are the most efficient solution and can be manufactured to your specific requirements. Loading Systems has been manufacturing dock equipment for more than 20 years, this experience allowed us to design trustworthy, modular and durable dock levellers. We supply high-quality service for each dock leveller to help you reduce your operational costs and guarantee your employees a safe working environment.

All Loading Systems dock levellers offer a solution for specific situations. Each dock shelter has its own characteristics and is developed for a specific market branch. With our experience in these markets and by using the highest quality materials, we can offer you a program of durable, trustworthy and aesthetically attractive dock shelters.

Brochure: PDF1, PDF2
Producer’s homepage: Loading Systems