Folding doors

We are working together with Prido to provide full range of folding doors.

All doors manufactured and sold by Standoor Eesti OÜ are in accordance with the applicable EU safety standards.

The doors have CE-marking and comply with European Union directive EN13241-1.

Folding door sections are made of sandwich panels having a thickness of 50mm. Steel plate thickness is 0.6mm separated by a CFC-free polyurethane foam. All the doors can be ordered in various standard colors or according to the RAL catalog shades.

Easy to use

As folding doors have very few moving parts, light weight and very easy to use side hinges, then the door can be opened and closed as soon and fast as possible. Folding doors are designed so that they require a little space at the top and at the side. Manually openable doors require only 100mm room above the door. Since the doors are manufactured according to the customer given measurements and therefore the door takes off a minimum amount of space in the building – thanks to the compact installation size, installation of other equipment near the door is made easier.

Why folding doors?

Why is the Folding door the best choice? The reason for this is that all of the advantages and features of other service doors have been incorporated in this type of sectional door. For example, the folding door requires little space and can be adapted to fit any building. Below, you will find a summary of the features of Standoor’s door. If we compare it to other doors on the market, the potential of our sectional door is the greatest.

Sec vs compact










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Producer’s homepage: Prido