Rolling grills

Any modern shopping center, as a commercial outlet, contains significant quantities of valuable stock. Protection of this stock is priority!

Locks, signaling systems or heavy metal bars may be the solution in some situations, but a trading outlet depends on being aesthetically appealing in order to be able to merchandise its products 24 hours a day including weekends and holidays.

The solution to this problem is – Standoor rolling grills. Elegantly designed, rolling grills blend in with the architecture of the building as well as the interior of shopping centres, supermarkets and other commercial premises.

As a standard Standoor rolling grills are with natural anodized aluminum finish.

Advantages of Standoor rolling grills:
• Strong extruded aluminum profile provides a high level of burglary protection
• A reinforced grill option is available
• Suitable for both internal and external installation
• Perfect light transmission and ventilation
• Punched profiles allow your potential customers to window shop 24/7
• Can be powder coated or anodized in various colors
• Strong durable finish in a wide choice of colors to blend in with any color scheme
• Different operation types: rod crank, spring, motor
• Fire safe, can be quickly raised providing an evacuation way out
• Can be connected to fire signal sensors and open automatically if needed

Main places, where rolling grills are used:
• Shopping center pavilions and galleries
• Supermarkets
• Underground garages and parking areas
• Bars and restaurants
• Offices and commercial premises

Our materials are:
• Rust-proof
• Durable
• Resistant to UV-rays
• Environmentally friendly
• Light