Technical details

Technical details

Door panels
– we only use door panels with finger protection system
– the metal sheeting of door panels is galvanized and painted to ensure lasting beauty and minimum maintenance.
– all panels have 40 mm insulation foam inside
– panels are 500 mm and 610 mm high
– panels have changeable rubber-sealing between the sections







Thermal conductivity
-Panel’s thermal conductivity k=0,50W/m² °C

Range of colors
Standard colors are: white RAL 9016, brown RAL 8017 and RAL 9006. Inside color white RAL 9002.
Paint thickness is 20 µm.

Other colors are available on special order from RAL color range catalogue.





The door is well condensed if it has astragals of good quality, as thermo lyses through junctions are 90 % and only 10% through the door leaf. Astragals are made from resistant, cold and sun proof EPDM rubber.














Top seal
EPDM heat-cold proof and following wall distortion.

Bottom seal
Three-lip seal, which also acts as a pneumatic sensor or optical security device (in case of automatic door). Follows floor distortions and the best result is achieved when the floor surface is level.

Side seal
Plastic sliding surface attached to the main track to which the side rubber seal is fixed. Avoids wind, rain and snow entry to the building..